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The Company

The know-how since 1983

Independent and family-owned company in the watchmaking subcontracting since its creation. The satisfaction of our customers has always been at the heart of our concerns and we are very attached to be able to guarantee an irreproachable quality on all our services.

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of our services.

According to your requirements, Prisma will carry out in its workshops, part or all of the watch assembly stages ranging from preparation operations, to the assembly of complete movements up to the casing. And also provide complete after-sales service.

Our flexibility allows us to handle orders from one unit to several thousand parts in simple ranges in large-scale production to the complexity of fine watchmaking, all within the expected timeframe.

With its long experience you will find in Prisma a reliable and competent partner who will be able to accompany you in all your projects.



Nicole Mamie and Jacqueline Przybor, after the relocation of the company that employs them, decide to create their own company with the name Prisma Electronique SA. Followed by several former employees, they set up shop in a small workshop on the square in Porrentruy and begin their activities in the production of electronic circuits for quartz watches.

Prisma Electronique SA is the first company in the world to be established in this field.



Installation and development of a first movement assembly line.



Award of a prize of excellence by the Economic Advisory Council of Jurassians from outside, as recognition and merit for the initiative taken by the founding members of Prisma Electronique SA, in their contribution to the economic development of the Republic and Canton of Jura.



Construction of a new 950 m2 production site in the commune of Porrentruy. The premises make it possible to accommodate about 100 employees and to structure the workshop spaces into different zones according to the suppliers and/or types of operations to be performed.


Pioneer of industrial digitalization, Prisma has developed a tailor-made ERP in collaboration with the company Solution Informatique SA.
Prisma is a pioneer in industrial digitization.



Jacqueline Przybor’s actions taken over by Nicole Mamie.



Arrival of Greg Mamie, son of Nicole in the company.



Construction of an extension of the buildings on a surface of 2’000 m2 with the adaptation of the new premises to new standards corresponding to the quality requirements (overpressure, air conditioning).



New company name: Prisma Electronique SA becomes Prisma SA and changes its logo.



Takeover of the company by Greg Mamie, which remains in family hands.